Custom Original Hand Painted Bauble

Custom Original Hand Painted Bauble


A fun twist on the traditional christmas tree decoration, in a contemporary personalised style.


This is an entirely handpainted piece, making it the perfect bespoke gift for your loved ones.


What does this bauble include?

Your personalised painting can feature 1 person or pet. Paints are used on an unglazed ceramic spherical bauble. The figures are painted from the waist up in a pegdoll style.


How does it work?

Once you've placed your order please send your image(s) via your order enquiry so I can create your painting. You can send multiple pictures if necessary and please include any additional details or features in the information box. If you would like any extra details that aren't shown on the photographs (eg. gold hoop earrings, a halo, lovehearts, family name) please specify when ordering. Additional details cannot be added once the order has been placed.


Can I see a proof?

Unfortunately not. The way I work is completely freehand, this means theres no guidelines for painting. If you would like to see a sketch of what your portrait might look like please get in touch and I would be happy to draw a rough sketch for you.

  • Please note

    This is a fragile item and not intended for children/to be played with.